1. Introduction
2. Market Categories
3. Introduction
4. Basics
5. Market Research
6. Are You Ready?
7. Legal
8. Basics
9. Day-to-Day
10. Competition
11. Listing on

9. OPERATING - Day-to-Day


Be realistic about the number you can cater for – hire extra staff or equipment if needed. If the job is too big for you, be prepared to say NO and research and recommend someone else.


Get One – unfortunately not everyone is as honest as they should be and you will come across customers that will use any excuse not to pay, getting a deposit lessens your losses – be very wary of anyone that isn’t willing to pay a deposit.


You will need a way to print them off nicely – each one will need a unique identifying number, your ABN and a statement that it is GST inclusive (and keep a copy for yourself).

Many of your customers will need a receipt for tax purposes and one like this will tick all the boxes. Not that ‘cash in hand ‘ isn’t good too – but make sure everyone is clear about payment methods.

Offer Options

Another way to attract customers is to include options for Halal, Kosher, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free , dairy-free or other specific diets.

Communication Log

It is also a good idea to keep a log of ALL communications – Human memories are pretty poor at the best of times - things can get very complicated very quickly – if you can look back and see what was said to or agreed with who , why, what , when, and where; things will run more smoothly.


You will be dealing with a perishable product in a high-pressure environment, you need to be highly organised. Have a plan that enables you to get the timing right.

Imagine your catering business is up and running; create an operational plan for a typical day.

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