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3. Introduction
4. Basics
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8. OPERATING - Basics

Things to consider that will help your business be successful:


Equipment needs to be as well presented as you are. Spelling and Grammar - If you can’t be bothered getting these right on your website or in your communications with others, then your customers have little reason to believe you will be bothered providing a quality service. We are not all good at such things and if you aren’t particularly good at writing, get help from someone that is.

You also need to think about how you are, in a way, providing entertainment - putting on a show - no one is going to be impressed by you opening a tin of something in front of them – put it in a container that has been appropriately labeled. You may have spent five hours preparing that sauce at home, but it looks a lot tastier if you stir in some fresh herbs just before serving. Also, be prepared to sit in the car for a couple of hours while your customers enjoy themselves – then go and clean up.

The Business Premises

The business premises should meet all the regulations – you may be inspected!

Make sure it is:

Clean and in good repair
There is adequate drinking water
There is adequate pest control
There is adequate lighting
There is adequate ventilation
There is adequate hand washing and drainage facilities
There is adequate facilities for washing food and equipment
There is adequate facilities for storing food
There is adequate facilities for removing waste
There is adequate food preparation facilities that are easy to clean and disinfect


Equipment and vehicles for carrying food should be kept in a good state of cleanliness and be capable of maintaining correct temperatures.

Provisions should be made for the correct disposal of food waste.

Much of the equipment you need can be leased – even entire kitchens. Leasing is often a good way for small and medium-sized catering businesses to save on costs.

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