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Why should I advertise my services next to my competitors on

BECAUSE IT WORKS - restaurateurs have known for a long time that grouping together generates more business. There are geeky mathematical and economist's theories but I believe behind these theories we are just dealing with human nature - people like to think they have a choice, and when they make a choice (usually emotionally) they create rational reasons for making that choice then reinforce their "new beliefs" by telling others -> More Sales.
You also get to list alongside reputable, well established companies.

For now listing on Meet MY Chef is on a ‘first come first served’ basis - the sooner you join, the higher up the list you will be. We will be implementing a priority listing system in the near future and also opportunities to list on the ‘Featured Chefs’ and ‘Featured Menus’ pages. Any feedback regarding these matters will be appreciated.

Basic Listing on

A basic listing on Meet MY Chef contains up to 400 characters (including spaces) and up to 400 X 100 pixels of images. It can contain a link to your website, your contact details and / or a link to a ‘Personal Page’ on

A Personal Page on

A Personal Page Meet MY Chef is your own web page on that your basic listing in the directory links to (or you can link to it from anywhere on the interweb). It can contain up to 6000 characters (including spaces) and up to 4000 X 1000 pixels of images. It should also contain your contact details and a link to your website if you have one.

Listing costs

A Basic listing in the Directory is only $10 per week (Per State / Territory). A Personal Page on is a once only set-up fee of $60. It will remain on for as long as the weekly basic listing is active. If you're not sure what you need, I can put together something for you that will not be published without your approval.

To Secure your listing send an email with ‘listing’ as the subject to

It should contain the text you would like to appear in your listing along with the image(s) you want to use attached.

To Secure your Personal Page send an email with ‘personal page’ as the subject to

It should contain the text you would like to appear in your Personal Page along with the image(s) you want to use attached and a description of your preferred layout.


We are only accepting payments through PayPal at the moment – they take most credit cards. If this isn’t suitable for you drop us an email and we’ll work something out.

Payments can be made by visiting;
Please leave a note stating who you are and what the payment is for.


We have a small (soon to be expanded) selection of promotional materials for your use available at;
If you need any hi-res stuff or have any suggestions, please contact us.

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