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3. Introduction
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10. MARKETING - Competition

Competition 1 - Point(s) of difference

Sell yourself on what makes you different and unique amongst your competitors – if you’re the only one that provides something someone wants – you get the deal.

Have a look at what your competitors are doing and the sort of services they are providing to get ideas for yourself, but DO NOT steal their images, copy or ideas.

Competition 2 - Price

It is simple to be cheaper than the next and provide less quality, or to be more expensive than the next and provide more quality. This means it is very difficult to corner a market and easy to get your slice! (pun intended).

Pricing Structure

Keep it simple – if it is too complicated it will drive customers away.
Something like:

Menu 1
2 people $30 each
3 – 10 people $25 each
over 10, $23 each
Works well


By all means, offer to customize your menus to meet your customers requirements, but also have a good selection of Menus prepared to help making selecting your service easier.

Create a marketing plan for your catering business, include costs and projected returns on those costs.

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