1. Introduction
2. Market Categories
3. Introduction
4. Basics
5. Market Research
6. Are You Ready?
7. Legal
8. Basics
9. Day-to-Day
10. Competition
11. Listing on


This Course explains how to start and operate a catering business. It will help you understand the opportunities, challenges, risks and prerequisites of entering the catering industry so you can make good business decisions.

The catering business is considered one of the most profitable business ventures, even as a ‘home-based’ sized operation. With demand for catering services increasing there is also a high potential for expansion and growth, particularly as this is one of the most under-marketed sectors of any industry - Opportunities abound for those with a flair for food and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Catering is the business of providing food service usually at events or some location away from your business premises. As a caterer you can prepare the food at your premises and deliver it to the event or location when needed or you may prepare the food on location. Caterers may also provide drinks, crockery, cutlery, glassware, decorations, service staff, cleaning, security and other services.

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